I really hope this section provides you with many tools so you can get on and be the remarkable woman you are. Keep checking back as I hope to be adding more and more useful worksheets, planners and guides as we travel along life’s winding road together.

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Free resources

Top Tips for a Fulfilling and Fabulous Life - Is life not as good as it could be? Maybe it just needs a tweak. Download these top tops because these little tips will make a huge difference.

Childcare Planner - This is awesome, print it out, laminate it and leave if for your childminder, baby sitter or grandparent with the all-important instructions on. Lots of space for them to give their feedback on the day too. Then wipe clean for tomorrow.

Life Changer - Got a dream but no direction? Follow these simple steps to give yourself a realistic and workable plan to get yourself there.

Affirmations - Print them out and put them where you see them. Look at them and believe them. You might not believe them at first but soon they will be part of you and give you the confidence you need.

Finding Your Feet Workbook - Print it out, get your prettiest pens and put the kettle on. A wonderful and practical workbook that helps you get emotionally and practically ready to return to work with confidence. This is free for a limited time so get it while you can.

Budget Buddy - Need to face up to some money management issues. This budget sheet will help you. Feel free to download it but instructions are in my book – “Getting to The Bottom of it”. Available on Kindle soon.

Disclaimer: I love creating Free resources for you. Please tell your friends and spread the word. However please don’t send the resources to them, direct them here so I can stay in touch with them. Thanks very much!

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Getting To The Bottom Of It - Have you got all these ideas or fantasies of things you want to do or achieve? You might want to run a marathon, be your own boss or quite simply be a better parent. It may feel like an impossible mountain to climb, so it stays as a fantasy. But this book is here to show you how. Regardless of your dream you need to get moving. To be precise, you need to get to the bottom.

“Getting to The Bottom of It” is a practical book aimed to help you get to the bottom of your mountain so you are equipped to get to the top of your life.

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