Finding Your Feet: A Programme specifically designed to help you transition back into work with as few jolts as possible

My Story

My first return to work was fine, I quietly cried on and off all day but then I was fine. I figured I cried when he came into the world (not the gushy type crying but the “what the fig has happened to my life” type crying?) so it’s only fitting to cry now I thought. It’s about getting used to transition and change isn’t it?

Then forward a few years (2.2 to be precise) another pickle arrives and before long it’s my second return to work, although this time you’d have thought someone was trying to pull my arm off! I was not a happy bunny. I dreaded going back. And going back was as bad as I dreaded. I felt totally unprepared and unsupported. And I missed my little pickles so incredibly much. In short - a nightmare!

Niki with baby
Niki with family

I flit between thinking I’d love to be a stay at home mum and someone who wants to conquer the world. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the thought that they are only young once and I don’t want to miss a moment. Then I get these desires and aspirations that don’t really involve the pickles, in fact dare I say it “they hinder me” shhhhh!

I dreamt about a running a workshop to help other women return to work, to get them emotionally ready and feeling more confident. I met with a lady who could hire me to do it. We talked lots, it was lovely and I felt fully alive again. A mutual friend had told her that I was a mime artist. For me WAS was the key word. But her parting words to me were. “Great, write the workshop add in a mime piece and we can get funding.”

I sobbed all the way home. I was a mum. I was older. I can’t do that thing any more can I?

I found a life coach and she helped me. I can’t really say what the key was but whatever was blocking my performance creativity was unblocked.

I ran 3 workshops and performed as part of it. The workshops were very well received and I’m continuing to do more.

Nicola Hughes

Let Me Help You

I totally understand that going back to work is hard, whether you want to go back or really don’t. There are 3 things I can do for you:

1. The Workshops - Contact me to find out when the next ones are.

2. The Work Out - A 4 week email Coaching Package to help you return to work with confidence.

3. The One to One - Coaching calls or face to face to give you the personalized support you need.

Click here to get in touch with me and find out more about how I can help you.

Finding Your Feet - The Workshop

Are you dreading your pending return to work? Are you wondering what on earth it will be like and how you will manage? Do you wonder what you have to offer after you have spent so long changing nappies and getting food thrown at you? If so, this course is for you.

This workshop aims to:

Raise your self esteem;
Give you an opportunity to meet other mums in your position; and
Show you what you have to offer so you can walk back to work with confidence.

Finding Your Feet Workbook

Finding Your Feet - The Work Out

Finding Your Feet - The Work Out is an affordable package that you can upgrade at any time. You can get ready for work in your own time but still receive great support. Here's what you get:

- 4 weeks of support
- Finding Your Feet - The Workbook
- Email Support
- Weekly tasks
- Discounted face to face, Skype or phone coaching sessions



Read these fabulous blogs on my Return to Work. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry and you’ll know that you are not alone. I’ve been there and I love to share my journey.

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